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Welcome Workspace CGI

The world of commercial interior fit-out is becoming more crowded, new companies pop-up everyday and can eat into your market share. Ensure that your firm is maximising both marketing efforts and client receptiveness by upgrading your CG visualisations. A collaboration with Workspace CGI can help to boost your interior design efforts, ensuring a higher rate of orders and client retentions.


Our visualisation team assist interior designers and fit-out specialists in generating visual representations of interior spaces for use in project bids during the tendering process, fit-out projects, refurbishments, etc. All 3D renders are produced completely bespoke, our team operate in all sectors of interior fit-out from commercial office spaces to retail.

By working with some of the UK’s top commercial interior fit-out companies we have built-up a great workflow that allows Workspace CGI to speed up the overall visualisation process as well as react quickly to required edits.

Our Services

The visualisation services offered by Workspace CGI cover the complete range of requirements for our client base, below are the 4 main CGI services we offer and a little more detail about them.

CG Images

A mainstay for almost all of our visualisation projects are still images. Our team generate photo-realistic representations of the interior spaces imagined by our clients, working along side interior designers and fit-out estimators to guarantee that the spaces are correctly represented, matching the correct spec with an attractive scene aesthetic.

In-house Renders

Sometimes a fully photo-realistic CG is not required, but the space still needs to be visualised to ensure that the design works, and is suitable to be presented to the client. In this instance our visualisation team can produce slightly lower quality CG images that still shows the room correctly, but with much less intricate details. Giving an overall view of the interior design that can be tweaked easier and quicker.

These visualisations are not intended to marketing use, but to assist the design phase.


Do you want to really impress your client? Then consider an animated CGI. Our team create animations of the interior space, showing all the same features as a still image, but by adding motion to the scene it brings the whole space to life and entices the viewer in. Gripping their attention and allowing them to see more of the design as the camera moves through the scene.

VR Tours

Add interactively to your interior space ideas. Utilising virtual reality allows an interior space to be experienced and explored in 360 degrees by your client before anything is constructed/installed.

VR tours can consist of interactive 360 views of rooms or complete virtual reality that allows the viewer to move through the scene at will.

Our Process

When working with interior designers and interior fit-out specialists our designers like to work closely to ensure communication is clear & concise. To achieve this all projects are uploaded onto an online cloud portal, allowing collaboration from anywhere. This cloud based service ensures our CGI services to be transparent, honest and open. All drafts and each round of comments/amends are saved and can be reviewed anytime.

This process allows our team to work on several projects at once whilst still producing high levels of quality and consistency. Each project can be tracked from start to finish and reviewed once completed to suggest improvements and increase speed and fluidity on future projects.


The process starts with the client information. Our team review this in detail, clarifying any grey areas. Building a complete picture of what is required and ensuring all relevant information is present for the CGI process.

The next step is to utilise this information to produce draft visuals. Draft visualisations allow the viewing angle to be discussed and decided and the basic structure of the space can be scrutinised to confirm it is correct.

Once the draft is confirmed we progress to the next stage, this step adds all of the textures and materials to the scene. Plus, props are added to complete the overall look of the space.

Further drafts are produced to confirm that colours, textures, materials and other finer details are correct. Once signed off the scene is rendered out in full resolution. Producing either a still image, animation video or VR scene.

Post production is then carried out to add the final touches to the CGI and population elements (people) can be added to the scene if required.


The commercial interior fit out sector works hand in hand with the CGI visualisation sector as many of the industries leading furniture manufacturers (Steelcase, Humanscale and Herman Miller) produce accurate 3D models of their products. Allowing CGI companies such as Workspace CGI to add exact representations of furniture into interior scenes with little effort.


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Office Interior Fit-Out
Boardrooms, receptions, office workspaces, washrooms, bathrooms, meeting areas, communal areas, all of these office spaces are vital to producing a happy and healthy working environment. These are the most popular sector for our visualisation services.
Shops, banks, showrooms, department stores, malls, supermarkets, foodhalls and flagship stores are just some of the retail projects that require CG imagery to help them progress through planning, construction and fit-out.
Hotel & Hospitality
This is such a competitive sector that high end visualisations are a must to capture the attention of an overly saturated market. Ensuring a hotel, bar or restaurant makes a name for itself before it opens (or reopens) is a huge boost.
The most popular visualisation requirements for the hotel sector include CGI for bedrooms, bathrooms and lobby areas.
We also work regularly on visualisations for restaurants, bars and cafes, both incorporated into hotel schemes and as standalone businesses.
Higher Education
Universities and colleges require interior fit out visualisations for many spaces, including lecture theatres, libraries, communal hubs, reception areas, performance spaces, etc.
CG is not only suitable for new interior fit-out projects, refurbs can benefit from visualisations just as much. In some cases, existing interior imagery can be incorporated into CG scenes to create a montage effect that blends the two together to show what the final space will look like.

The commercial interior fit out sector works hand in hand with the CGI visualisation sector

Our Clients

The commercial interior fit out sector is growing and we are happy to be working with several of the biggest names within this industry, producing visualisations for use in their fit out projects and tender bids. But we would love to add even more marvellous clients to our roster.

Why Choose Us?

It’s simple, we are specialists within the realm of commercial interior fit-out CGI, we understand how your processes work, we know how tight deadlines can be, we understand that sometimes budget vs quality has to be considered.

Overall we offer the following impressive attributes that should sway you towards choosing us for the visualisations on your next interior design / fit-out project.

  • Competitive rates
  • Efficient process
  • Never outsourced
  • 5 years of dedicated fit-out CGI experience
  • Over 15 years of visualisation experience
  • Imagery outputted at 4K, 6K or 8K resolution

Our Goals

  • To work with the best of the best in this sector
  • Constantly and consistently improve
  • Increase the win percentage for our clients on tendering bids
  • Facilitate simplified workflows throughout this B2B sector

An overview of our work

Get a glimpse of our previous visualisation deliverables. Check out some snippets below and visit the ‘Our Work’ section to see more.